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Yesterday was a beautiful moment in brand and marketing history: 5 mega-brands came together, Google, Citi, MasterCard, First Data and Sprint to launch Google Wallet – a new app that lets you turn your phone into your wallet.  From a product development and marketing perspective, you can appreciate the massive amount of work that went into blazing this new territory in mobile payments history.

Key consumer indicators point to the mass adpotion of smartphones into the consumer experience, and on-the-go-lifestyle.

“1 in 2 Americans will have a smartphone by Christmas 2011″

It seems the shift is well underway, that people no longer want to, or have to be, tethered to a traditional computer in order to surf or transact.  And now, thanks to the Google Wallet, you will be able to pay for a purchase at the checkout counter just as easily as sending a text message.

As folks who follow this blog know, Citi is a TMG client, so I was excited to be involved and be present for the official kick-off yesterday at the NYC Googleplex. Here are some highlights from the packed press conference:

The Google Wallet Press Conference was live-streamed, here it is:

Engadget live-blogged from the event, and shot this cool demo from the Google Cafe:

To me, the idea is comforting to know that wallets and mobile payments are heading in this direction. Simplified, organized, high-tech, convenient, secure. If your wallet is starting to look like George Costanza’s, chances you are feel the same way. What’s that? You don’t remember Seinfeld’s Costanza…and his incredible, ever-expanding wallet? Then this is for you:

(Sorry, YouTube won’t let me embed the video into the post ..but it’s worth watching.)

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