Just back from LA where I gave a presentation to a sold out crowd on the new rules of PR, Blogging and Engagement to a packed ballroom at The Biltmore Hotel, host to the Design Bloggers Conference, and presented by the DesignSherpa folks. Amazing audience in attendance of hundreds of lifestyle bloggers, and leading brands, who are at the top of their game. The blogging royalty that was there knows their audience, they are creative, passionate, professional, and above all, intent on being ahead of the pack in all the best ways. I’ll be posting more about my experience this week, and the highlights.  But in the meantime, I couldn’t resist sharing what one very respected blogger had to say.

After the talk I was approached by many in the audience who wanted to extend the conversation and it was truly refreshing to see such a high level of quality engagement. The best part, for me, about speaking to a group of bloggers — thanks to Twitter — is that you get instant feedback while you are speaking. In this case, when I got back to my laptop and fired up my Twitter account, my timeline was full of so much positive feedback, most importantly, about what was resonating with the audience. Design bloggers, contrary to what my friend celebrity journalist Flo Anthony may think about bloggers in general, are not buck wild. But they are wildly positive and focused…and they are smart. Smart about content, engagement, experience, and community. The result was a collaborative energy in the room that was a joy, personally and inspiring, professionally.

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